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In 2011, Gumroad started as a place to upload and sell files.

Lots has changed since then, including that most people aren’t thinking about files anymore, as much as they think about content, community, and skills.

Over time, this has led to Gumroad feeling constrained. Gumroad has grown to support Discord communities, in-person workshops, async videos, group homework, class assignments, and more.

We want to support all of that. Introducing: our new content editor, which is now in public beta:

The content editor lets you create much more dynamic product consumption experiences. It makes it easy to add intermediate text for instructions, link out to an external resource, or just say “thanks” right where every customer will see it. Embed files, videos, audio, PDFs, and more:

It is opt-in, so visit any product’s edit page to turn it on. Once on, it will work for all consumers, including those who consume using Gumroad’s iOS and Android Library apps:

There’s a lot more to come, including the ability to add sections and pages to products. If you have ideas for what you’d like to see next, let us know!

Ten years in, Gumroad is just getting started. Thanks for sticking with us!

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